2007- the club attends NAMHO 2007 at Morwellham Quay.

29th June - the mines inspector sees the mine and given us a clean bill of health.

4th July - the club runs its first visits to the mine by interested parties.  

9th September - the club’s first open day . We also receive a grant from PDMHS

16th December - the club restarts the tradition of lighting candles on the lead veins.

20th January 2008- significant maintenance work completed, scrap metals removed.

11th December - one of the original mine tubs comes home; thanks to the generosity of Peter Naylor. We are also gifted another tub by Richard Shaw.

20th/21st June 2009 - NAMHO 2009 weekend.  Information boards and signs erected.  

19th/20th June 2010 - took part in Celebrating Cromford event.   

August 2010 - thanks to £1,000 from the Toyota Charitable Trust, new cap lamps.

2011- we break into “JK” shaft from GL extending the mine and giving us a new entrance/exit. In July a new lid is installed. See pictures

December 2011 - we’re digging towards Black Rake Vein, passage draughting strongly....

June 2012 - DVD released on the mine history.

2013 - work well under way on installing new ladders in exit shaft, new Jubilee Dig goes on and on….. Loads of visitors…..

2014 -5 Continued minor damage on site, but Jubilee goes deeper still. Many visitors!

2017 - 8 New digs, including one near JK shaft, and a break through into yet another mine

2018 - 19  Dig near JK progresses, another heads to a surface shaft, and we look at shaft giving access to the ‘letter box series.’ Cave Rescue Practice hosted.