Park in the layby on the Via Gellia, the spoil heap from the mine is obvious on the hillside. Usually there will be a club member present there to greet you.

The track leading to the mine is over the wooden footbridge and then bends to the left up hill. You will then see a track to the right, which leads you to the entrance.  

Bring your own gear if you have it! If you need helmets and cap lamps just let us know.

Clothing - boots/wellingtons are fine. The walk up to the mine is probably the hardest part, and can be muddy. There is little mud in the mine itself and no deep water, so no need for wetsuit socks. Indeed you can use overalls. There is a covered area close to the mine entrance, so you don’t need to change on the road.

A guide will take you around, so that you see the best of the mine. Please feel free to ask questions.

If you have any children who want to go underground, or if you want to arrange a school trip, please let us know so that we can make appropriate arrangements.  For reference - our secretary is CRB enhanced checked, and we are insured.

For further location information see  - Find the mine.pdf

Interested parties are welcome by special arrangement. Lamps and helmets are available. Just contact us giving reasonable notice!

Visiting Goodluck mine